Rotating Tap Comedy combines all things Craft Beer with Stand-up Comedy! Our company was founded at the intersection of breweries and laughter in Spring 2019 in Denver, Colorado. After winning multiple awards for the success of a stand-up comedy showcase at Chain Reaction Brewing Company, Steve Vanderploeg decided to look for other breweries willing to host live stand-up, creating the pathway for Rotating Tap Comedy to be born. 

Today, Rotating Tap has hosted reoccurring, professionally booked live shows at dozens of different breweries around the greater Denver Metro area, and has become a destination for some of the best comedy in Denver, as well as beer lovers of all sorts! It is widely known as one of the best comedy productions in one of the best comedy and beer scenes across the entire United States.

Check out some of the breweries we've worked with


Steve Vanderploeg


Steve Vanderploeg is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor from Denver, Colorado. He is a regular as the world famous Comedy Works, and has been featured as "Comedian of the Week" on Comedy 103.1 FM radio in Denver. Steve has performed on over thirty comedy festivals across the United States including multiple appearances at 208, Rogue Island and High Plains Comedy Festivals in addition to music festivals such as Treefort. Steve created Rotating Tap Comedy in 2019 when he noticed the parallels in the community both in stand-up comedy and the craft beer industry. He might not be a beer expert, but he's pretty damn good at drinking it. He's even better at telling jokes.

You can find out more about Steve on his website HERE

Nic Dean

Nic Dean is a stand up comedian, based out of Denver, CO. He is easily remembered by his untamed mustache and explosive humor. Nic was the winner of the 2018 Phone It In Film Festival Denver, and has performed at clubs and festivals all over the country.

Patrick Scott

Patrick is a mediocre hobbyist comedian who will quit comedy pretty soon. He makes a mean meatloaf though. His secret is he puts in Zesty Bloody Mary mix into his meat mixture. You wouldn't think it works BUT try it out and get back to him.

Cody Ullrich

Born and raised in Denver, you may have read some of Cody's written work for Westish News or Comedians are People, Too (And Other Lies). You may have heard Cody on a Podcast like his own Whypothetical Podcast where he walks guests through ridiculous scenarios. You may have seen Cody perform as part of the improv duo, Sweet Baby Sunshine. You may have tuned into Comedy 103.1 in Denver and heard Cody or gone to one of Comedy 103.1's live shows to see him perform. Come on out to the next Rotating Tap Comedy Show and you may get a chance to see him yourself in a more intimate setting.